Yes you can turn your fear into creative energy!

Every artist, whether a beginner or experienced, has to deal with the fear they aren’t good enough.  Are you an artist or want to be an artist?  If you participate in any social media groups for artists, I’m sure you have noticed that artists are their own worst critic.  I have yet to see an artist that didn’t see flaws in their work.  If you are in this realm know that you aren’t alone.

Here are some ideas on how you can take your fear and turn it into creative energy:

  1.   Approach any new piece of work as though it were just a practice piece.  This will take some of the pressure off to try to get it perfect.  Use every piece as a learning experience.
  2.   Pre-plan your art in advance.  Decide on your approach to the piece — what are you going to do first, next etc.  What techniques do you want to try out?
  3.   Always know that every artwork you do, will have an ugly stage.  You can keep building the piece until satisfied.  Try to remove judgement until finished.
  4.   All done and still don’t like it?  Before you toss it, ask others for their opinion.  I have found that I may not like my work but others love it.